Wednesday, September 05, 2018

20 Years Ago on Sept. 5, 1998 -- Emmy Contenders and 100 Free Hours*

September 5, 1998: A generic Entertainment promo about that year's Emmy contenders, but at least I got to call our members couch potatoes.

One thing I overlooked from the Sept. 2 design tweaks: In the "Try AOL Now" promo in the right-side Free Products column, we added an asterisk after "get 100 FREE HOURS!*" This referenced a disclaimer at the bottom of the page, presumably added at the behest of Legal, that read, "*For conditions and membership details, see registration process."

So even the disclaimer itself was a promo to sign up for AOL.

[Series note: In the late 1990s, I programmed the content for the home page, which relaunched with a new design on July 14, 1998. I printed screencaps and saved them. 20 years later, I'm scanning them in and posting them with a little commentary under the tag #20YearsAgoOnAOLcom.]

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