Thursday, July 29, 2004

Pre-Empting Future Metro Dumbness

You can't eat on the Washington Metro (the subway, for everyone else). They're pretty anal about it, and have this bad habit of cuffing & arresting transgressors, like 12-year-old girls, etc. Anyway, they just did it again, and there's a Dumb Quote from the article (which I won't link to, due to Dumb Online Newspaper Registration):

"Chewing is eating."
-- Lisa Farbstein, Metro spokeswoman

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Diet Vanilla Coke Does Not Go With Apple

FYI: Do not introduce liquids into your Apple Pro Keyboard.

Digital Life vs. Real Life

If all has gone well, there is a package from Amazon on my doorstep that contains 3 seasons worth of Aqua Teen Hunger Force & Sealab: 2021. This is part of an ongoing trend where I am apparently sublimating all of my other desires into the purchase of DVDs. Said DVDs (both new and now used) are piling up at a rate where it is unlikely I will be able to view them all before the format is made obsolete.

Examples from the queue: The Dreamers, Bend It Like Beckham, Y Tu Mama Tambien, A Mighty Wind. I just knocked off Lost in Translation, which I liked a lot...a lot better than The Virgin Suicides, which fortunately I do not own.

And Best Buy has another 2 for $20 thing going on. Dammit.

Ooops, Sorry Jeffy

Repeat offender time -- an undocumented feature of the LG 5250 cellular phone is that, when sat upon, it will dial up a friend of yours who lives on the West Coast, providing an impromptu wakeup call when it happens at 9:30am ET.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Roll Up for the Magical Mystery Sun-Oof

Went to lunch with Corey today. It was relatively nice, so I had the sunroof open and the driver's window down. After parking, I was sure to remember to close the sunroof. So sure, in fact, that I neglected to roll up the completely open driver's window.

After a nice lunch, we came back to the car. I say the distinctive lack of glint on the completely open driver's window, and my first thought was: "Gee, I really hope there's broken glass all over the driver's seat because someone smashed my window in, because that would mean I'm a crime victim and not an idiot," but it was not to be.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Strawberry Taste Explosion

Picked up some Popeye's for dinner last night. 3 piece, with mashed potatoes, completed with strawberry soda.  As I was getting out of the car, I picked up the cup from the top, and the lid slipped, causing sticky strawberry soda to spew forth.  Icky.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Thunderbirds Are...Not Go

I write the content for a weekly alert that goes out to members, highlighting some of the new Buddy & SuperBuddy Icons. It's HTML, so I use Homesite. The format doesn't change much, so I clone the prior week's version and update the content. Only this time I forgot to change one of the destination URLs, and because of a deadline, didn't doublecheck all the links. So what should have been a link to Thunderbirds movie icons was instead a link to rapper Lloyd Banks & other hip-hop icons.

Flash Flush

Standing up from the toilet, I heard a clicking/clattering noise. Thought I saw something in the bottom of the bowl but I checked my pockets and everything seemed to be in order, so I figured it was my badge hitting something. Flush.

Then I remembered the pocketknife --a SOG Flash (the small one) -- clipped to my waistband on the right side. Formerly clipped.

In retrospect, I might not have fished it out, even if I had known -- the assisted opening feature was a little too gimmicky for me.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Getting Warmer, Warmer...Cold

Laundry this morning. In a rush to get it started by noon (arbitrary, self-imposed deadline), so I chucked in a load of colors and hit go. Except I neglected to check the temperature dial, which had been set to Warm from the last session.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

When "Yes" Means "No"

Responded to an Evite; "no," as it happens, since I was double-booked (my busy social engagement calendar and all that). Only I neglected to click the correct radio button.

I corrected my mistake after getting an e-mail reminder.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Taking a Dive

Kickball practice yesterday -- it was a bye week since playoffs are next week. (Oh, and hi to you BTA stalkers out there, add a comment or something already, geez.) Anyway, was playing left field and a fly ball went out to the gap. Don't ask me how there can be a gap with 4 outfielders and a left and right shortstop. I was in a bad position and had to lunge/dive for the ball. Hit the ground a little hard (and missed the catch), so my ribs hurt a bit. Which probably explains why I was dreaming that I got stabbed in the torso and had to go to Chicago's E.R.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Pop Tart

Put a Pop-Tart in my laptop bag/man purse the other day and promptly forgot about it. It was in the outside pocket, on the side closest to my body. I was putting something in the pocket this morning, and of course found a pocket full of crushed Pop-Tart.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Dumb Things Roundup

* While doing the last post, accidentally quit my browser, losing my data.

* Left the car unlocked overnight again.

* Had an open container of chopped cilantro drying in the fridge. (Actually, it's more like "drying out" in the fridge.) Knocked it over, sending green flakes everywhere.

* Met up at Pat's place to have a few beers before going to Dr. Dremo's to watch the fireworks. Left my cooler there.

* Have dropped my cell phone so many times, the piece that holds the battery in is cracked and near point of failure.

Dumb Things I Did in Las Vegas

* Gave my camera to someone while I was in Star Trek: The Experience so I could get my picture taken with a Borg. Forgot switch it back to autoflash mode first.

* Also realized that my camera had been on Long Shutter mode for a while, which is why a lot of my shots are blurry or overexposed.

* Paul & Michelle gave us wedding guest gift bags. I left mine at the Barbary Coast Casino

* Went back a day or two later looking for it. Didn't find it, but ended up losing 200 bucks at blackjack

* Didn't make it to any strip clubs or the submachine gun rental range.