Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Digital Life vs. Real Life

If all has gone well, there is a package from Amazon on my doorstep that contains 3 seasons worth of Aqua Teen Hunger Force & Sealab: 2021. This is part of an ongoing trend where I am apparently sublimating all of my other desires into the purchase of DVDs. Said DVDs (both new and now used) are piling up at a rate where it is unlikely I will be able to view them all before the format is made obsolete.

Examples from the queue: The Dreamers, Bend It Like Beckham, Y Tu Mama Tambien, A Mighty Wind. I just knocked off Lost in Translation, which I liked a lot...a lot better than The Virgin Suicides, which fortunately I do not own.

And Best Buy has another 2 for $20 thing going on. Dammit.

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