Monday, July 18, 2011

Joelogon Photo Hunt

I got a Google alert a few days ago that one of my Creative Commons-licensed Flickr photos was being used in a Forbes blog entry, "Moody’s Threatens America’s AAA Credit Rating, Blames Debt Deadlock." Here it is:

Now, as I am not White House photographer Pete Souza, it's pretty clear that I didn't take this photo. However, the photo on the White House Flickr stream carries the "U.S. Government Work" license (that is to say, it's public domain), though the photo description has an additional disclaimer that says as an official White House photo, it should not be used in a way that "suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House." In either case, we're cool.

(As a reminder, I saw the photo in a GovExec story, and submitted it to Fark with a headline, "Photo surfaces of President Obama refusing to shake the hand of a disabled janitor," which still makes me giggle.)

Looking around regular Google and Google Image search, I did find a few other recent photos being used (and properly attributed, thanks). Here are some (not including a bunch that show up in spam blogs):

[Update: Although I mentioned proper attribution, I forgot to explicitly mention that nearly all of my Flickr photos are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0), which means that as long as people attribute the photo and flow the license down to any derivative works, they can use it, even for commercial purposes. However, other things, like model rights, still apply.]

IMG_4262The Washington City Paper used one of my falafel photos for story about Amsterdam Falafelshop and its franchising strategy.

DSCF2708Here's a photo of Swami Yohmami from the 2007 DC Fringe Festival, used by the Washington Post's Apartment Showcase blog entry about the 2011 Festival.

Here's my friend Dave, illustrating grill mastery in a blog entry, The Man’s Guide to Grilling (that Every Woman Should Know)

IMG_3395On a prosaic note, here's some of my (long-gone) soda cans in a blog entry about soda consumption.

IMG_4878LAist used my photo of a stingy tip on a New Year's bar receipt for an article about tipping.

IMG_1136cropAnd last for now, a blog highlighting feel-good stories from DC used a Metro station photo to illustrate Home of the Fare Deal.