Sunday, March 26, 2023

#51FactsAbout51: The Return of Birthday Factoids

Today's my 51st birthday. (Which doesn't seem right, but the math checks out.) A few years ago, I started responding to Facebook birthday well-wishers with trivia based on my new age, though I paused when the pandemic hit, when celebrating birthdays just seemed different.

51. Includes newer glasses.


Well, after a morning of french toast, hash browns, an age-appropriate level of fiber, and 80s music, here are the 51 items I posted about the number 51 (clearly, mostly taken from Wikipedia and the first few pages of Google search results):



  1. 51 is the product of 3 and 17 (both prime numbers)
  2. 51 in binary is 110011
  3. "Route 51" is a Wisconsin Public Radio show focusing on issues in the north-central Wisconsin area
  4. 51 in Morse Code is ..... .-----
  5. 51 in Roman numberals is LI
  6. 51 is the title of a 2011 sci-fi horror movie
  7. 51 is the atomic number of antimony
  8. 51% is the minimum percentage (rounded up) needed for a majority
  9. The USS Arleigh Burke is DDG-51, the lead ship of its class of guided-missile destroyers 
  10. 51 is the country dialing code for Peru
  11. 51% a men's clothing brand in Seoul, South Korea)
  12. is the number of laps in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix
  13. 51 is the second solo mixtape by rapper Kool A.D., formerly of the rap group Das Racist. 
  14. Station 51 is the fire station featured in the 1970s television series Emergency! 
  15. The number of essays Alexander Hamilton wrote as part of The Federalist Papers defending the US constitution
  16. The TV show The Price Is Right is currently in its 51st season
  17. The Mustang World War II fighter aircraft is the P-51.
  18. "Fifty-One" is a fourth season episode of Breaking Bad where Walter celebrates his 51st birthday
  19. A 51% attack is when a party gains control of a majority of a network blockchain [this is a massive oversimplification, don't come at me cryptobros]
  20. The 51st day of the year is February 20
  21. Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) was the longest-serving US Senator at 51 years, 5 months, and 26 days 
  22. 51 degrees Fahrenheit is 10.56 degrees Celcius (and 283.706 Kelvin)
  23. IRS Publication 51 is the Agricultural Employer's Tax Guide 
  24. Title 51 of the United States Code (51 U.S.C.) is entitled "National and Commercial Space Programs"
  25. Area 51 is a US government facility that's supposed to house secret military (and even alien) technology
  26. 51 is the number of Doc Hudson in the animated movie Cars (which I've never seen)
  27. Photo 51 is an X-ray image of key importance in elucidating the structure of DNA in the 1950s 
  28. The 2023 Iditarod was the race's 51st running
  29. Pier 51 in New York City's Hudson River Park features a playground 
  30. Randy Johnson's number 51 was retired by the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2015.
  31. The Chicago Bears' Dick Butkus wore 51.
  32. Emperor Cheng of Han was born in 51 BC 
  33. The 51st US Congress ran from 1889-1891 and saw the passage of the Sherman Antitrust Act 
  34. 51 is Ichiro Suzuki's number with the Seattle Mariners
  35. The Wikipedia article for Ichiro Suzuki is available in 51 languages
  36. Telemundo 51 is a Miami-area TV station
  37. VFD Fire Station 51 is a volunteer fire station in Visalia, CA 
  38. The Whirlpool Galaxy is known as Messier 51a and M51a
  39. The M51 SLBM is a French submarine-launched ballistic missile 
  40. The M51 is a Samsung Galaxy phone released in 2020 
  41. The M51 is an M4 tank variant known as the Super Sherman 
  42. The M51 field jacket is an iconic US olive drab military jacket from 1951 
  43. Cachaca 51 is a Brazilian rum known for its mellow flavor and floral, fruity aromatic notes.
  44. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Bus 51 route runs from Reservoir Station to Forest Hills Station 
  45. Article 51 of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) specifies Supervisory Authority 
  46. The 51 for 51 campaign is a DC statehood effort
  47. Article 51 of the UN Charter is about the inherent right of individual and collective self-defence in attacks against member states.
  48. Federalist 51 is an essay by James Madison about checks and balances and separation of powers.
  49. NAICS code 51 covers information services 
  50. Article 51 of the Geneva Convention is about protection of the civilian population 
  51. Party 51 is a Canadian political party that wants Quebec to join the United States (wat?)