Thursday, November 30, 2006

Farewell, English: We Can't Hardly Knew You

Saw this linguistic gem in a Digg item today:
"A Gears of War site member was commenting on while the single player game was fantastic all be it short, the multiplayer was filled with bugs and other shortcomings."
One does not go to Digg looking pristine spelling, flawless punctuation, or rational discussion, but albeit is NOT 3 FUCKING WORDS.

Not for about 600 years, anyway (and don't try to pretend you were trying to use Middle English).

Look, I've have plenty of words I still have trouble with. I always have to double-check "misspell," I have been known to switch "peek" with "peak", and I even occassionally (well, rarely) fall into the "you're/your" pit.

(Similarly, I remember the first time I tried pronouncing "bourgeois" -- I was in high school, and I didn't know any French pronunciation rules. It was up there with the "Dom Perig-non" moment from 'Misery.' I still cringe a little bit.)

But some things are just wrong, and you're on the damn computer -- just look it up if you're not sure.


Anonymous said...

They butchered more than that. I think they are also missing a "how," before "while."

Regan said...

There's a new Rosetta Stone commercial where the chick has a pronoun / antecedent issue while trying to describe her joy at learning a second language. Maybe she should concentrate on one.

Joelogon said...

Matt: My pain threshold has been reset to a high level due to constant abuse. "All be it," though, was just silly.

Regan: You could go my way -- I'm illiterate in dozens of languages.

-- Joe