Friday, November 10, 2006

Thoughts on the '24' Finale (6 Months Later)

It took me six months, but tonight I finally finished watching season five of 24.

I don't know what the rush was; after all, the new season doesn't start until January. I had two more months.

I guess the driving factor was needing a tape so I could record Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who tomorrow, neither of which I've seen any episodes of this season, but which theoretically, I have on tape.

Anyway, a few notes from the finale, which I feel I must share even though (or perhaps because) it's a half-year after everyone else has seen and forgotten about it:

* A TV Squad commenter noted the RoboCop connection (Peter Weller as Henderson, Ray Wise [a.k.a. Leland Palmer] as VP Gardner, and Paul McCrane [a.k.a. Dr. Rocket Romano])

However, with Carlo Rota (a.k.a. Mick Schtoppel) as Chloe's ex-husband (and where did that come from?), the La Femme Nikita connection trumps that (remembering Eugene Robert Glazer and Roberta Watson, to say nothing of the principal creators of both shows. They just need to get Roy Dupuis [who reportedly turned down a role last season] and Peta Wilson. That would be cool.)

* It's official: Sentox nerve gas is the wussiest stuff around. Not only does it have to be inhaled (since it's not absorbed through the skin), but it's neutralized by high pressure, and it's not persistant (decontamination just involves opening a window and turning on a fan).

* "If you need to kill a henchman with the knife on your multitool, please press one and Jack Bauer will talk you through it."

* The planting of the microtransmitter pen on the Prez? Saw that one coming.

* Those sneaky Chinese...

Anyway, now that I'm caught up on season 5, I can get ready to fall behind on season 6 from the very beginning.

Bonus: Escape From New York is on right now. In Spanish.

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