Monday, November 27, 2006

"I suggest everyone sneezes on and profusely licks their food"

Seeing how my previous workplace fridge note entry was so beloved, here's another one from last Tuesday:


One of your coworkers is a thief and so completely lazy that they stole my sandwich. They stole a HOMEMADE sandwich. Who steals food in the first place? And honestly, who steals a non-packaged product? Do you really want something someone else has handled?

From now on, I suggest everyone sneezes on and profusely licks their food prior to bringing it to work.

I know I will.

Karma will find you.
This was on one of the fridges in another, farther kitchen (ours doesn't have an icemaker).

On a related work-food note, here's another discovery I made last week:

If the opportunity to eat Sodexho's implementation of "pad thai" presents itself, I strongly suggest you refrain.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you stole the sandwich in order to get another refrigerator note to blog. :)

Anonymous said...

The notes people write/emails people send when someone messes with their food always make me laugh. They're always filled with such unbridled fury. Reminds me of my wafflegate story!

Joelogon said...

Minerva: Now see, that's far too obvious a ploy.

Sweet: Yes, there's no power greater in the 'verse than self-righteousness.

-- Joe