Monday, November 06, 2006

Girls: Been So Turned On Lately? (Or, Referrer Madness)

I haven't posted any highlights from my referrers lately.

For me, going through search engines referrers is kind of like watching America's Funniest Home Videos: I know it's not funny, but I still laugh.

Someone from Real Simple seeing the entry where I give Real Simple the business (what does that even mean)? Amusing, but not particularly interesting. Or vice versa.

However, finding a referrer from the search term I'm a girl and have been so turned on lately (no quotes), and seeing that my page is currently the #3 result for that term is kind of interesting. And by interesting, I mean SUPER SEXY!


To that so-turned-on girl, who will forever be to me young (but of age), beautiful, open-minded, and within driving distance of an airport, I can only say:

Hey, how you doin'?

The Answer Is Yes.
In other, far less sexy news, someone in Australia wants to know Is joe really dumb.

Menage-a-Mobilophone and Participant Inequality
Switching to a different set of metrics, it looks like my three-way phone sex photo has finally topped out at 21,410 views.

This makes sense to me, because I finally realized today that I could leave a comment with an embedded statcounter invisible tracking image, to try and figure out how people were finding the photo. (This was after seeing a digg item about a NYC Marathon photographer who was kind of in a bad place -- the Flickr user had used the photo's page as kind of a blog, adding more photos in the comments.)

So, the traffic tally after I put in the statcounter image? Bupkes.

For those of you looking at viewer-commenter-creator participant inequality ratios, that comes out to 21,410 viewers, 7 commenters, and me, or about 99.9-0.03-0.0046.

Looked at another way, there's an entire town (say, Biddeford, Maine) of slightly annoyed horny dudes out there.

Maybe we should send so-turned-on girl there.

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