Monday, November 06, 2006

Tab Mix Plus 2.0 Is Out (and there was much rejoicing)

Following up on my earlier entry about Firefox 2.0 (which was all about why I couldn't go over wholeheartedly and completely to 2.0 from 1.5 at that particular time), I am happy to say that the updated version of Tab Mix Plus was released over the weekend.

Now that a working version is out (0.3.5), that's pretty much everything I need to be fully productive in FF. There are a few extensions I'm waiting on that still need to be updated to work with FF 2.0, but Tab Mix Plus was the big one.

As a bonus, the FF 2.0-version looks like it honors my decision to not have Control+Tab rotate through open tabs in most-recently used order, instead simply just going from left to right (or Shift+Control+Tab to go from right to left) -- the earlier version didn't want to do that on my Mac (though Control+Page Up/Page Down was the workaround for that, albeit for the right-hand).

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