Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Just Wrote My Absolute Last Check Ever to AT&T

I've been an AT&T long distance customer from the very beginning.

After the AT&T monopoly broke up (yes, I remember this), my family stayed with AT&T. From way back then to up until now, I was never one of those people who tried to play the different long-distance companies -- Sprint, MCI -- against each other to try to get a better deal.

In recent years, though, I haven't had much use for long distance from my landline. I never even come close to using up my cellphone minutes (with its free domestic long distance), and I just don't make very many international calls.

Besides, there are plenty of toll-free dial-around numbers to use. So AT&T was a convenient backup (with a calling card, just in case.)

I was on some plan with a overpriced per-minute rate, in exchange for no monthly fee, which was fine by me.

The first time they tried to implement a minimum usage monthly charge ($5 per month), I got really pissed off and called to cancel. The customer service rep immediately waived the fee and dropped me back to a no-fee, no-minimum plan.

This summer, I got another notice saying that they were doing the minimum usage plan again. I pretty much ignored it until I got the bill.

This time, when I called to cancel, they didn't even bother trying to keep me. After I punched in my number and hit the cancel service option, it kicked me straight into the cancel instructions, so I never even spoke to a human.

I assume that I could have tried to find a human who could find me some no-fee plan with an even more outrageous per-minute rate, but if they weren't even going to try, neither was I.

So, I'm paying my final bill and switching to Sprint. 50 free minutes with my cell plan (which I probably won't ever need to use), and no fee.

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