Monday, November 20, 2006

When Did Washing Machines Get So Complisticated?

I was determined to buy a new washing machine today. First, I went to my local library and read up on washing machines in the relevant issue of 'Consumer Reports'.

(I also borrowed 3 books, which I hope to actually read this time.)

Then, I went to the local Best Buy. There's a Frigidaire washer/dryer combo being advertised this week for $999, so I'm leaning towards it for simplicity's sake. But there are a few LGs that are kind of interesting.

So, I didn't end up buying. I did a little more research, and later found a forum for those folks who are pretty hardcore about laundry.

These are the kinds of folks who really care about internal heaters and profile wash settings, would actually pay $2,000 for a laundry center, and do 7-10 loads of laundry in a week.

I don't do 7-10 loads of laundry in a month.

And when did washing machines and dryers get computerized? My now-dead washing machine (a Montgomery Ward model, and they went out of business a while ago) has a one-way analog dial, and like, 3 settings. But it worked. Until it didn't.

Anyway, I think I'm overcomplicating things -- I just don't want to have to buy another durable good for a while. Then, taking delivery this week might not be the most convenient thing. I'll probably take some dirty laundry home with me for Thanksgiving.

After the shopping, I stopped into Barnes & Noble. I ended up reading most of 'World War Z' while standing up. (You can get the Cliff Notes version on Wikipedia.)

It's a pretty interesting read, though I was also procrastinating, since it was instead of going to the gym. Project: Fit in Tuxedo hasn't been going so well, especially if you include the 2 pizza lunches last week.

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