Friday, November 10, 2006

Verizon Killed My Day Today

My landline died sometime last week. Again.

Actually, I suppose I should be thankful, because it saved me from having to deal with any pre-election robocalls. But now that the Dems have picked up control of Congress, it was time to get it fixed.

I submitted a repair request through the Verizon web site on Wednesday, which was substantially less aggravating than doing it over the phone. Of course, my appointment window was less-than-convenient, being between 8am and 6pm.

Granted, I can work just fine from home. But I don't enjoy it particularly, especially since it turns me into a shut-in for the day. Maybe it'll be different if and when I finally get a real office setup.

The tech came at around 3:30pm, and quickly determined that it was a problem with the outside wiring (which I already knew). In a miracle of miracles, he was one of those inside/outside guys (he even had a bucket truck), so I didn't have to set up another appointment with someone else: He was able to fix the problem, which was apparently a short in the wiring in the box up the street.

So that's one bit of procrastination swatted down. Next up: Buying a new washer/dryer, and finally replacing my cell phone before it flies apart. Though I will probably have to work in some leaf-raking this weekend. And, of course, there's Blogsgiving.


Anonymous said...

If the owner of ever gets around to finishing the site, you should post this there...

I'm so *u**ing sick of calling my internet provider, telling them they have a problem outside of my house, having to go through their brain dead checklist of phone support, followed by scheduling an appointment for a tech to come to my house, only to find out (as ALWAYS) that the problem is on their end.

But we should expect this, since they are all evil.

Joelogon said...

1. I've never seen "fucking" masked out that way. By hiding the front consonants, you rule out the possiblity of "fecking", "focking", or other milder variants, though you leave the door open for "rutting", "muffing", or any variety of u-words.

2. Never attribute to malice...

-- Joe