Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Things I Would Rather Do Than Drop $950 on a New Washer/Dryer

My washing machine broke last month. I've been putting off buying a new one.

As a result, my underwear reserves are running dangerously low. (This is after a few boxer brief 5-pack purchases.)

I might even have to start dipping into the Y-fronts (tighty whiteys for you Americans.)

This past Sunday, I'd even entertained the notion of going to the coin laundry in Herndon. This is until I drove by and saw how crowded it was. It didn't seem as fun as originally envisioned.

So, of course, after getting out of work tonight, instead of going to Sears or Best Buy to pick up a new stacked laundry center, I went to Carpool for a drink.

I ran into a bunch of my kickball teammates at the bar, so a drink turned into 4 or 5.

I'm not sure whatever else I would have possibly accomplished, but whatever it was, it didn't happen.


Aaron Fowles said...

Dude, dipping into the Y-fronts is the best thing for you. Forget what you heard in college about manliness and the virtues of dangling; the boys need a home, a nice comfy one. When you go camping in autumn, do you sleep in a sleeping bag or do you sleep wrapped loosely in a sheet?

Joelogon said...

Logical Fallacy 1: Boxers vs. Briefs is a false dichotomy, since that's where the aforementioned boxer briefs enter the picture.

Logical Fallacy 2. Sleeping bag vs. sheet is either a Straw man or just a poor metaphor, since a sleeping bag has far different properties than a sheet, so is not applicable unless you wear insulated, padded briefs. -- Joe