Saturday, December 02, 2006

Late Night Shots: Elevate the Hate

This story will probably be familiar to Wonkette readers and DC-area bloggers, so for all you other folks (all 6 of you), here's the summary:

DC politics/gossip blog Wonkette has been pretty obsessed with Late Night Shots since they surfaced this summer.

It's a closed, invite-only social network for the best and brightest of DCs social-climbing, trust fund-relying, hyperdeveloped sense-of-entitlement-having future leaders of America.

In other words, it's full of douchebags.

Okay, that's unfair. There's nothing wrong with coming from a rich family. You can't pick your parents and you shouldn't have to apologize for your origins, be they humble or grand.

However, based on the highlights of the message board postings that are smuggled out to the proles, these folks should be hounded mercilessly, if not put on the VIP list for "first up against the wall when the revolution comes."

You can see all of Wonkette's Late Night Shots entries here. Make sure you start at the beginning, for earnest discussions like "you wouldn't want to date someone who couldn't get into a good [sorority] house" and "Someone should receive absolutely no more than 30 k/yr and car payments from parents."

They seem to be self-censoring now that the best of their posts have been making it to Wonkette every week.

However, you have to check out this thread.

I won't repeat the story here, but it involves:

* A broken condom
* Plan B contraception (the "morning after pill")
* The perils of posting about a person, in a forum which that person reads.

Now, is it too good to be true? Is it a fake story designed to lure the unwary Wonkette mole, or perhaps some perverse guerilla advertisement for Plan B or Durex Ultra Thin Condoms?

In the absence of additional information, I choose to believe.

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