Saturday, December 16, 2006

Whad'Ya Know? Not So Much, WAMU

So this is our first Saturday with the new WAMU programming lineup.

I haven't paid much attention to the weekday changes, since I don't get to listen to the radio over-the-air during the day, and since I'm usually writing or otherwise thinking, I can't really listen to talk radio anyway. Especially public radio.

So I was a little surprised to find out this morning that Michael Feldman's Whad'ya Know isn't on WAMU any more. Instead, it's This American Life.

Now, I lurve This American Life (I'm waiting, as we speak, for a few of the box sets -- I haven't decided if they're keepers or gifts), but with the programming shift, it's now on WETA at 11AM, and then on WAMU at noon, which is silly.

(Plus, This American Life is a bit more podcast/stream friendly for me, since it's explicitly divided into discrete acts. Though my favorite timeslot for it was Sunday afternoons.)

Anyway, since I usually don't get started on Saturdays until about noon, anyway, Whad'ya Know was good to have on as I was puttering around the house. So I will miss it.


Jamy said...

Yeah, I'll miss Whada'Ya Know too. It's a good show. WAMU has a habit of cutting quality shows--prime example is the very short run they gave to Harry Shearer's "Le Show" in 2001. At least you can stream Whada'Ya Know but there is no podcast of the entire show. Whata pain!

Regan said...

And why would you put on Splendid Table at 2 p.m.? San Antonio had the best public radio station. They separated the talk radio from the classical music (on its own channel in the Hill Country), and their Saturday morning lineup was Car Talk, Whada'Ya Know, and Splendid Table AT LUNCH. When, say, you're actually hungry. Now, I shouldn't knock it. I love the show, so it's great to have it at any time. But it's sort of like airing ToTN: Science Friday on Thursday.

Joelogon said...

Jamy: well, I read that WETA is looking to shift back to classical; maybe that will shake up some lineups.

Regan: Not familiar with Splendid Table, will have to give a listen.

-- Joe

Anonymous said...

Now WAMU has removed Car Talk from 8am on Saturday and moved it to 10am. For those, of us who start our weekends earlier than noon, this is a low blow. Anyone else upset about it?
(Splendid Table is the NPR show that's spoofed on SNL. The SNL version is better.)

Joelogon said...

Perhaps, but people who start weekends significantly before noon are dead to me. -- Joe