Sunday, December 03, 2006

I Demand Truth in Breakfast Meats

Here's a pic of the Turkey Smoked Sausage (growing up in the bustling, multicultural enclave of NJ, we always called it kielbasa, "kel-bah-see") that was part of my nutritious breakfast this morning:


What's wrong with this picture?

What the fuck is the point of calling it "turkey" smoked sausage if they add pork and beef?

Remember, that's how the Indian Rebellion of 1857 started. Well, except for the sausage.

I remember first running into this particular turkey kielbasa issue when I stopped eating red meat for a few years. (Except for the occasional wedding steak. And the cold cut exception. And Carolina-style barbecue. And, generally, pork is more of a white meat, right?)

I'd cut back on the red meat primarily as a result of reading Deadly Feasts, which is all about brain-eating diseases spread through meat, like CJD, kuru and Mad Cow Disease.

I stepped off of that wagon, finally (a bout of mild anemia will do that), but I do fervently hope that if I ever fall prey to a prion-based brain-wasting disease, it was the result of a good cut of steak, and not some mechanically-separated, processed and formed beef-based meat concoction.

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