Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Get It While It Lasts: Traditional Vaginia Cuisine

As an artifact of having my Thanksgiving and vaginia entries on the main page of my blog, it's now the number one Google search result for traditional vaginia cuisine:

Google Search Results for Traditional Vaginia Cuisine

Of course, I know this due to my referrer logs.

Incidentally, there are a distressingly large number of people who don't know how to spell the female parts.

Also, I will just say what I'm glad my blog no longer appears anywhere near any search term that contains the phrase "white bumps that haven't gone away in a month."

[Item for possible future inquiry: How does the ability/inability to correctly spell "vagina" correlate to that person's ability to locate the happy button?]

Far less titillating (to the extent that the other one was), is also being number one for the phrase "Yes I know I need a haircut"

Lastly, to the s00per-geni0us in Texas who found my George Foreman grill entry after searching on how do I burn my house down: You need help. And by help, I mean the fire department.

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