Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Layoff, in Pictures

The Week Before:


The coffeepot note reads:
"During this time of intense stress due to reorganization and layoffs, please do not further contribute to this stress by leaving the coffee pot empty. It is a supreme act of arrogance and inconsideration to take the last cup and not make another pot.
Coincidentally, that week I was reading the novel Company, by Max Barry (who also wrote Jennifer Government) -- it's about a company that, unbeknownst to the employees, exists solely as a test bed for management concepts.

The theft of a donut figures in prominently, which is spiritually kin to my other entries on lunch thieves. It's good, go read it. (The book, that is.)

The Day (Before):


Dec. 13, "How to Take a Punch in the Stomach" day from my Worst Case Scenario Daily Calendar.

To be honest, though, I guess I was both a puncher and a punchee.

The Day (After):


Out front.

Apparently, understandably, someone didn't take things so well.

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