Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Fratboys and Armored Cars: Another New Year's Eve

I was feeling about 80% on New Year's Eve, with a scratchy throat and a remnant of a post-nasal drip. But I was determined to go out.

This time around, Scott's band, One Ton Wonton was playing a New Year's Eve gig at Ragtime in Arlington. So I met up with the usual folks.

The Sandridges were well-represented:

Jerry dresses to impress.

The band in action:


There was also a veritable fratboy convention, both in front and in the back room -- here's what I twittered at 11pm:
Staring with baleful loathing at a fratboy wearing a jacket, tie, jeans, baseball cap and deck shoes. I'm guessing SAE
At midnight, there was the usual hoisting of glasses and mashing of lips. Also, someone jumped a motorcycle over Las Vegas. It was not extraordinary, and towards the end of the night I couldn't stop sneezing (the smoke was getting to my already-addled sinuses). But it was still fun.

Oh, and on the way out, there was an armored car parked in front of the courthouse. Though I guess we didn't need it:

Plenty of firing ports for your convenience.

Happy New Year.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that dude in the baseball cap annoyed me too, but mostly because he appeared to be a moron and he had an intelligent looking hottie for a girlfriend. Bastard!

Joelogon said...

I make no judgment on the person, just the uniform.