Friday, January 25, 2008

5 Minutes of Dumb

Let's see how many dumb things from today I can highlight in just 5 minutes:

* This Is Why Indie Musicians Do Not Stage Dive: British Sea Power
keyboardist takes a header off a stack of amps, hits the floor with predictable results.

* Lesson: Steal From a More Obscure Sex Columnist: Claudia Lonow, sex columnist for free alterna-weekly New York Press, gets fired after her inaugural column after getting caught by Jezebel stealing a question from Dan Savage.

According to the editor's note on the matter, she didn't realize that was a no-no, coming from the fast and loose world of television writing.

I don't think this helps the cause of the striking writers any.

* Dumb Hair: Former cow-orker Jeff Simmermon is again featured from BoingBoing for his observations and forensic sketch recreation of a haircut (see previous: karaoke robot zombie and others).

Okay, that was a little more than 5 minutes.

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Daniel Poehlman said...

It's good to see Jeff getting some innertubule love. My blog's been getting a little bit of a traffic spike from the random-link-clicking hordes washing over from his place.

Of course, in a blistering display of keyboard dyslexia, the illiterate hack typo'd the bloody hell out of the title of my blog in his sidebar.

Kids these days! No respect for the gizzled old fools around them!

The best stage-dive I'd ever seen came at Summerfest here in Milwaukee. I can't remember the band, but the lead singer lept off the stage into a crowd of people with beers in their hands.

Needless to say, a choice was made to protect the liquid assets, and though I believe it may have been a good choice, I think the singer feels otherwise. Only one person reached up to catch him. So, instead of looking cool and edgy, he just wound up looking like he was hugging a grandparent he'd not seen in a while.