Thursday, November 15, 2007

Virginia: #1 for Nerdy License Plates

More anecdotal evidence today supporting the data that says Virginia leads the nation in vanity plate usage (and by extension, nerdy license plates):

SAT 800 Virginia vanity license plate
I'm hoping that's not a combined score.

Displaying one's SAT score, even a perfect one, skillfully demonstrates both nerdiness and social ineptitude.

Virginia vanity license plate Kal-El
Obviously, a huge fan of Nicholas Cage.

I never really thought about it, but I wouldn't have guessed that Superman drove an Acura.


Kathy said...

Living in North Carolina I have known for years and years that Virginian's loved vanity plates. I don't really understand why, I personally think the plates cost too much and so a waste of $$$$.

Anonymous said...

I have a few here:

Joelogon said...

Kathy -- Hey, it's only $10 bucks a year. Me, I prefer plausible deniability and anonymity, even though my car is a little distinctive (not too many red P5s on the road).

Shawn -- Nice collection.

Anonymous said...

A lot of good that SAT score did the driver of the first car; he/she still wasn't smart enough to by a decent car!

I, too, was foolish enough to buy a GM car once (the shame!) but at least I didn't spend $30,000 plus on one.

After my experiences with my 1999 Buick Century with less than 65,000miles and the stories of others who made the GM mistake, I have come to realize that everything General Motors makes is assembled using Legos and paper mache.