Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will There Be Violence at the Washington Blogger November Meetup?

Reminder to all DC blog types that the November edition of the Washington Blogger Meetup group convenes tomorrow night (Wednesday, 11/14) at 7pm at RFD, right across the street from the Verizon Center (Gallery Place Metro).

The DC Blogger Meetups have traditionally been somewhat staid, bookish, and erudite gatherings (as opposed to the drunken bacchanalia of the various Blog Happy Hours). However, in the interest of generating more... interest, we're looking at ways to create controversy, inflame passions, cause trouble, end friendships, ruin lives, etc etc.

After all, though RFD ostensibly stands for Regional Food and Drink, "RFD" is also an acronym for "Really Fucking Drunk."

An artificial drama/reality TV-style treatment is not out of the question.

Outbreaks of pointless, inane blogfighting cannot be ruled out, and in fact may be started out of sheer boredom and/or spite.

Turnout is expected to be good -- the attendee list is currently pushing 20 (unlike most of the attendees).

I also note that the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) News folks are having their own RFD meetup, starting at 6pm. They are a rough bunch, and Wayan is banging his drum pretty good, so who knows what might happen?

Come for the Happy Hour specials, play with an OLPC machine, stay for the blog talk (if only to make sure that you are in front of people as they're talking about you behind your back.)


Anonymous said...

You should do it on a weekend.

Joelogon said...

Fridays and Saturdays evenings are more of the DC Blog Happy Hour territory. Maybe a weekend day for some sort of workshop thing, dunno.

Gunfighter said...

How did your event go?

I blog from the DC suburbs, and although I have my own circle of DC area bloogers that I hang out with for Happy Hours, I have never been to a recognized DC blogger event. I always get the impression that I am too old, too married, and too suburban for that crowd.

Joelogon said...

Gunfighter -- here's how it went -- the midweek meetups aren't very rowdy (unlike, say, the Friday Happy Hours), so the more the merrier. Hope to see you at a future event.