Sunday, November 11, 2007

Food. Need Food. Argh.

I'm fasting right now -- nothing major, just 12 hours in front of a routine physical. No problem, right?

Except at this very moment, I'm jonesing for... anything. Maybe the pho I had for dinner wasn't enough. And the multiple fun-sized Halloween fire sale candies (Baby Ruths and Snickers, mostly) weren't enough for dessert.

Yeah, I was front-loading before the 9-ish cutoff.

Worse, I was just watching Metalocalypse on Adult Swim (which, I must admit, I didn't get at first, but it's kind of grown on me over time). Of course, it's the one where they're talking all about food.

So I had to change the channel. Let's see, what else is on? Ah, back-to-back showings of Saving Private Ryan. No eating there.


Kathy said...

I always stuff myself before fasting for blood test. I will eat anything and everything up until right before the cut of time. I refuse to starve! LOL

Good luck on your tests.

Meredith Laird said...

Hope the tests went well. I had to do the same thing last night but I know what it's like, so I just slept through the fasting. It's easier.