Sunday, September 08, 2019

#20YearsAgoOnAOLcom: Sept. 8, 1999 -- AIM 3.0; Build a Web Page With Kordell Stewart?

September 8, 1999: We started Wednesday with another AIM 3.0 promo. And remember that note from yesterday about how the AOL 4.0 ad jackpot wasn't necessarily so, because it was from the preview server? Well, this one is from the live page.

The My News headlines look at the Waco siege probe; also "Bradley Outlines Campaign" refers to the presidential campaign of former Senator Bill Bradley (D-NJ); he'd drop out in March to Al Gore:
For the PM update, we went with another promo for AOL members to build Fan Pages, though there are two things about this promo (one slightly notable, the other less so):

  1. We don't make any mention of a fan pages contest, unlike the one from just a few short days before
  2. We promote the feature using the name and likeness of Kordell Stewart. Did AOL have a licensing deal with him and the NFL, or did we just use his info? I want to say I hope so, because it's in no way an editorial use of his pic. (I do note, though, that in 2019 web advertising, people seem to play a lot faster and looser with celeb likenesses, especially using TV and movie stills. Remember, just because it's in a meme, doesn't mean you can use it):

Also, if anyone is reading to the bottom of this (doubtful), shit's about to get real tomorrow.

[Series note: In the late 1990s, I programmed the content for the home page, which relaunched with a new design on July 14, 1998. I printed screencaps and saved them. 20 years later, I'm scanning them in and posting them with a little commentary under the tag #20YearsAgoOnAOLcom.]

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