Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The State of the Onion, 24 and the H&R Block Box Bitch

You know, I think the chimp-in-chief didn't do all that bad of a job giving the State of the Union this time around. At least in terms of delivery. Well, except for that whole "assed/asked" thing. And I have mixed feelings about that bit of pandering to the fairer sex when he referred to Pelosi (who, truth be told, does have an incredibly annoying voice.)

Though Dikembe Mutumbo?

The Jim Webb rebuttal was hardcore, though.

Looking over at my catchup viewing of '24', I think the primary takeaway is that Rocket Romano's wife Marilyn is HOT. (She's also apparently wheelchair wife from Heroes, so there's that Monday night connection.) Also, Milo, Chloe and Mick Schtoppel are going to have a three-way in Tech One. And soon.

Finally, if you've seen that H&R Block TaxCut software commercial -- the one where the husband and wife are getting audited because they used Turbotax, and the wife keeps going on about how they should ask the box for advice?

Man, what a bitch.

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Regan said...

Yeah. The impression I remember from the commercial is the chick taunting, "Let's ask the box" and holding it up to her ear as if she expects to hear the ocean. I'm thinking that most folks in that age demographic who are able are already doing their taxes with some sort of computer assistance. On the other hand, if I'm one of the folks who's wary of computers, that commercial doesn't give me warm fuzzies about using software to file my taxes. You know?

I don't get it. This is why I'm not in advertising.