Friday, January 19, 2007

Blogger Meetup Says: Virginia Is for Snipers

I went to the revitalized-for-2007 DC Blogger Meetup on Wednesday at RFD & dragged along my friend Adam (who has a blog, but hadn't been part of the scene).

It was pretty hopping. I had a few Leffes. I also took this picture of the men's room wall:

Virginia Is for Snipers

"Virginia Is for Snipers" and some other quotes.

Saw a bunch of familiar faces and met a few new folks. I also:
  • Called someone a blog groupie (though in actuality, she had a blog but didn't cop to it until afterwards -- a first, I think).
  • Was reminded by Amber that we first met at a blog happy hour (my first) almost precisely a year ago.
Here's my sole other photo from the evening:


Eventually, we got a ride back into Arlington and hung out at Ragtime for a couple. I'd never been before, oddly enough, and had been led to believe the demographics were pretty favorable, though I didn't see much evidence of that.

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Adam said...

Hey, not my fault that this Wednesday did not live up to last weeks outing. Besides, I do not actually see other females - Jenny does not allow it. The Ragtime demographic judgment came from Mr Mazza, not I :)