Sunday, December 31, 2006

When Did Nerds Quality Control Slip and Other Questions I'm Behind On

No wonder why obesity is so rampant these days; even Nerds are fat now:


I swear I thought the orange ones were Captain Crunch or something.

You can see the full set for more hot Nerds action.

(Incidentally, someone needs to tell Nestlé USA that their stuff is never going to index properly in search engines if they stick to that lame Javascript and Flash implementation on the site.)

* When did Gwen Stefani turn into Madonna? (Version 2.0... maybe 1.5)

* When did Wal-Mart stop using employees and their families in their ads? (I mean, obviously, we know why, but when?)


Washington Cube said...

I hate to sound so out of it, but I can't even tell what this is. I did look up Nerds, so it's a type of candy? At first I thought it was garishly colored popcorn.

And oh yeah...James Brown is still dead. :::cue to Night Train:::

Joelogon said...

Nerds candy -- basically sugar-coated sugar, each piece about the size of a booger (at least, they used to be -- now, they're inching closer to gravel-size).

You don't usually see them separated by color, they come mixed together. I'll post some pics about what I did with them later on sometime. -- Joe