Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This Is Going to Be the BESTEST Boss's Day Ever!

Actually, Tuesday is going to suck pretty hard. But everything I know about the expected layoffs, I get from Valleywag. And Alley Insider. And paidContent.org. And NYT. And WaPo. And USA Today. Hell, it's probably in the City Paper by now.

About the only amusing thing I can get out of this is watching Valleywag and SAI trying to scoop each other. As long as you define "scoop" as "republish the executive memos that get forwarded the instant they arrive." Or outright begging for exclusive content ("We have heard, for example, that some of you will be fired en masse, in auditoriums. Digital pictures would be wonderful!"). No payment, please, we're bloggers. And mass layoffs are an interesting sociological event.

Stay classy, guys.

Am I defending the company, the strategy (-ies), management, or this round of layoffs, considering I don't know my own status (though honestly, I'll be fine either way -- and frankly, getting laid off would probably be the only way I would possibly get to cash in all my vacation this year)? Of course not. But there's plenty of disgusting behavior to go around. (Including the voluntarily and involuntarily departed from years past -- folks, you're supposed to move on. What you're doing -- it's just not healthy.)

One thing I know, though -- whatever or whoever you blame this on, I'm pretty sure that AOL's Slingo missteps (egregious as they may be, I have no idea) are not directly responsible for these layoffs [see the comments].


Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear you go, but the bright side is that you have a wealth of opportunity in front of you.

I personally wish the best for you and know you can reach your potential.

It's truly disheartening to see someone as talented, upfront, and diverse as yourself be in one of these mass layoffs.

"Layoffs are a pain for everyone."
"Everyone is in pain from layoffs."

Damnit, me and my active and passive tense confusion ... I don't have anyone to correct me.

Keep in touch,
Joe :-)

Donna. W said...

Joe? The Joe AOL was stupid enough to fire? I think I've found you! I'll be watching to see where you go from here! (mosie1944@aol.com, that's me)

Anonymous said...

Joe I hope you keep up this blog to let us all know what you are up to every once in a while. We will miss you. Helen

Anonymous said...

Joe I am going to link your journal to a entry I just made. Also link you in my journal list.
No way are you going to lose us...still going to bug you :).


Karen Funk Blocher said...

This blog goes on my sidebar right now! - K.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the news. I hope you will move on to bigger and brighter things (I kind of feel certain you will:)
and Yay, I have a place to keep up with what happens for you next!

Another AOL Journaler who already misses you (and is finally considering making the move to Blogger)

Bookncoffee said...

Hey, Donna shared the link with me...so at least we can still keep up with you. I wish you the best. Hope your cold is better.

Anonymous said...

Well, Kathi (Kasee267) was nice enough to let me know where you are blogging and can speak your own mind. Always lovely to hear of your potential axe from others, eh. I agree, keep it classy. And, try to move on in a healthy manner (that can be hard to do -- been laid off myself once and it is weird). Wishing whomever departs great new opportunities, of course, including you.

Jackie S. said...

Joe - They let a good one go. I'm sorry to hear the news about the layoff, but you're a shining star. I'm sure that some smart company is going to snag you pretty quickly. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,
Just wanted to let you know how much you'll missed on Journals, & again TY for all your help.
Good luck.

Call me Paul said...

Hoy, yo, Joe. I'm confident you will land on your feet. I'll be reading. So write good stuff, ok?

Astaryth said...

A quick 'google' and here you are! I see I'm not the first AOL person to track you down... and I'll bet I'm not the last! astaryth

Anonymous said...

*clash* -- So, did you stay or did you go? Inquiring minds want to know. Blog commenters seem to think you got the axe. But after re-reading your entry, your status was unclear. So the day has come and gone and where do you stand? Are you now an Ex-AOLer? Have you joined "the masses"?

~ M.M.

Joelogon said...

Hi folks -- yeah, it's me. Got it in the neck. I'm still sorting through some computer issues right now, so I'll post some updates as soon as I can. Everything's fine. Thanks for all the comments.

-- Joe

Celeste said...

So glad I found you. I have placed you in my reader so you won't get lost again.
Hey I know that you will be great!