Monday, October 22, 2007

Passing the Time With DC Tech Networking and Concerts

It being officially the start of a new workweek (Well, it was this morning -- gimme a break, it's not yet quite a full week since I got laid off. Speaking of which, I note that AOL CEO Randy Falco talks about the layoffs in today's Post -- and yes, he felt "bad" for diverting the corporate shuttle to White Plains at least 5 times), and since I'm mostly up and running on the new machine (mostly), I should probably have a plan for stuff to do.

It largely involves leaving the house during daylight and while it's still nice out. I will break it down thusly:

* Balance checkbook (done)
* Pay a few bills
* Go the library, return a few books and print out a Web page.
* Set the groundwork for future progress

This Week:
While I haven't started the full-bore job search yet, there are a few DC tech networking events that sound interesting (thanks, DC Tech Events):

* Wednesday: Meeting of the Web Content Mavens Meetup group, which is conveniently located at Whitlows, positioning me for later hanging out in Arlington.

* Thursday: NextDC Happy Hour at Science Club.

This, unfortunately, conflicts with the Cowboy Junkies show at Birchmere; their Friday show is sold out. I will have to decide. I thought it was next to the Camelot strip club, which would have been a plus, but I was thinking Sign of the Whale. I also note that strip club proximity is not normally part of the calculus, but I've been watching the Laid Off episodes from Odd Todd (I blame Corey) and strippers feature prominently.

* Friday and Saturday: The Future of News Industry Jobs Conference in College Park. Being local and only $50, it's probably the only conference I'll be going to for a while. But the topic is interesting to me.

Saturday night is also the 2007 DC Zombie Lurch. If I do day 2 of the conference, I might not be able to dress up, but I would like to watch.

* Sunday: Over the Rhine at Birchmere.

I'll be writing more about what I'm going to be doing in my enforced downtime, mostly to organize and prioritize it for myself. High priority: Calling cards. I might get some Moo minicards, which are shiny and pretty, but they're not really what I want (and they aren't cheap).

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