Friday, October 26, 2007

Recent Reading

Been doing a lot of reading recently (wonder why). Here are a few of the more recent items:

Indecision, by Benjamin Kunkel: Eh, it was okay. Maybe I should have empathized more, since the protagonist lost his job, but I dunno. Didn't see that twist ending coming from a mile away. Nuh-uh.

We Were One, by Patrick O'Donnell: A pretty straight-ahead combat report from the Battle of Fallujah.

How I Became Stupid
, by Martin Page: Maybe it didn't translate well from the French, but it felt pretty flat. Yes, we know, shallow people are stupid and stupid people are happy.

The Sagan Diary, by John Scalzi: A quick read, basically a behind-the-eyes supplement to the other books in The Old Man's War universe (I still haven't read The Last Colony yet). I guess I'm more into your basic military and hard sci-fi. Not really my thing.

Boomsday, by Christopher Buckley: Set in the world of Thank You for Smoking, I liked it a lot, even though it's a bit ham-handed at times. The ending feels a little abrupt, too, but it's a good read -- I finished it in an afternoon.

In other book news, I saw from DCist that Bethanne Patrick is book-blogging for WETA. I know her from AOL, when she was blogging as AOL's Book Maven. Good on her.


Anonymous said...

Reading? What's that? Good for you. Also good to hear about Bethanne. I wonder if she's still blogging for Publisher's Weekly as well. I'll check. In the meantime, will we see you Thursday? Ping me.

Joelogon said...

I'll be there. -- Joe