Monday, October 15, 2007


I'm mostly recovered from my cold, though I'm still a little congested and have a lingering and nasty-sounding cough. So I was in the mood for a nice big bowl of pho tonight, with just the right amount of plum sauce and Sriracha. (Just enough for some nice heat, not so much you sweat into the soup. That's nasty.)

Unfortunately, all the local places I know were closed by the time I got out there, so I settled for an instant substitute -- Nong Shim-brand Shin Ramyun:


It's Korean-style beef-flavored ramen noodles. My mom sent me, like, a case of it last month. It's really spicy, too, which she neglected to tell me until after I'd tried it, dumping the whole seasoning packet in (my parents only use a third or half packet, and they can take the heat better than I can).


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Shaddap, chili-boy.