Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So Now What?

Today officially marks a week since the layoff, so I guess I should figure out what to do. Step One is to get out of the house a bit more (bonus: I get to avoid doing around the house stuff), so I'm in the local Greenberry's right now, taking the laptop out for its first field trip.

Some things I need to do.

Small stuff:
* Make some appointments for some checkups. It's been a while, and I might as well do it while the health insurance stuff is still the same.

* Macbook: Mail isn't quite working right, so a little more tweaking is in order.

* Personal calling cards. Get some.

Middlin' stuff:
* Blog Housekeeping: Overhaul the categories, which are a big steaming mess. A few adjustment to the template, especially the main page. Fix that stupid top nav bar, which I just hacked together after the Blogger beta transition screwed it up a while back.

* House Housekeeping: It's still a mess. The addition of 3 boxes of office crap didn't help things.

Big stuff:
* Identity Theft: I have a situation that I need to resolve. It's a pain and I've been avoiding it, but I got plenty of time right now, after all.

* Fix Up the Office: I have plenty of things to fix in the house, but now it's going to be pretty critical to finally fix up the extra bedroom into a real workspace.

Other than that, I guess I should think about a Halloween costume and do a few other things. Also get to blogging some more, and not just about stuff I need to do.

I'm sufficiently wired on coffee now, so I think I'll go home and play with some boxes.


Daniel Poehlman said...

Identity theft?

Hmm... Give me the name and number and don't ask any questions. The less you know, the better.

Anonymous said...

Joe I am very sorry about Randy's stupid ass decision to lay you off (among almost all the beta staff and Tae Kang). They are just a big mess. There's no hope for AOL anymore.

Susie Felber said...

You are the most productive unemployed person I've ever known. You are making the others look bad -- start watching soaps and crying into your Hot Pockets STAT! :)

FYI I got Moo cards via flickr and love 'em. The weight was much nicer than I had anticipated too.

Also, what identity theft stuff? is it interesting enough for me to interview youo for the (big corpo) blog I work for? lemme know!

Joelogon said...

Dan -- let's not compound this with murder-for-hire. Besides, I don't think revenge will help with the credit bureaus.

Mike -- thanks. It's just business.

Susie -- the ID theft thing is just your run of the mill open accounts and run. Nothing interesting unless I take Dan up on his offer.

And I don't have any Hot Pockets.

Daniel Poehlman said...

I wouldn't go so far as calling it "revenge" Joe. If anything, just think of it as taking a much more proactive approach to better spending habits with your money.