Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Would You Like to Read My Play?

A few thoughts on South Korean-born (Korean! Not Chinese! And no, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference!) Virginia Tech mass murderer Cho Seung-Hui's and his plays:

* I Predict: Someone's going to read Cho's plays, stage them, and post the video up on YouTube. I give it 3 days (so, 4/20).

* Have you read the damn things? Makes Unabomber Ted Kaczynski look like Chekhov.

* As I wrote elsewhere, the guy's been living in the US for 15 years, and he's still putting his family name first? Talk about alienation.

Lastly, it's comically embarrassing watching the hardcore right-wingers falling over themselves trying to tie Cho to Islamic terrorism. It's bizarre -- enough time, and they'd probably find a way to link Columbine to Osama bin Laden.

Look folks: If it turns out he's a jihadi instead of "just" a psychopathic loner wired too tight, if that Ismail Ax thing is truly the Muslim terror password, then fine. But in the meantime, you're making 9/11 truthers look positively rational with your wish fulfillment and intellectual dishonesty.


Anonymous said...

YouTubers Dramatize VT Killer's Plays

"The 10-page scripts — "Richard McBeef" and "Mr. Brownstone," which Cho wrote in a playwriting class last fall — are tales of revenge that include attacks with chainsaws.

At least four people posted videos in which they either read or acted out "Richard McBeef," mocking Cho and his writing. That play features an "aging balding overweight pedophiliac" stepdad named Dick who abuses his 13-year-old stepson.

The users, perhaps anticipating that some would view their videos as tasteless, included messages defending themselves."

Joelogon said...

Hrm. Looks like the table-read version was done on 4/18. That's same-day service right there. - Joe