Saturday, April 14, 2007

Boring, But Productive

So, it took me a few days, but I was finally able to unfuck my home Internet connection, so I can use my work laptop at home again.

I do need to get a new personal setup, but I mostly use my laptop at home.

Apparently, some system patch from the office network messed up everything. It took me a while to get it back to normal.

It was a relatively productive Saturday for me -- I tried the sushi lunch buffet at Matsuri in Herndon, which was good but pricey -- ($19.95), then picked up my new glasses (my right eye is catching up to my left eye, and since my clip-on sunglasses are lost to history, the time was right), then stopped by my tax preparer to sign some forms; all I have to do is send in a check (I owe a bunch this year), and I'm done.

I was also going to get a new drivers license photo, but I'll get to that next week.

I also stopped by the NRA National Firearms Museum -- it's on Waples Mill Road in Fairfax, not too far from my tax preparer. I'll get some photos up, eventually.

Waples Mill leads into Fox Mill, which is a nice twisty drive (like Georgetown Pike), when it's not raining and you're not stuck behind a line of cars. I never really tear it up too bad (more worried about deer than anything else), but it's fun.

Staying in tonight, hopefully catch up on some stuff, though I'll probably just fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV (again), which explains why my back and elbow are sore right now.

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