Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Vanity Fair Feature on the 9/11 Air Defense Response

The Vanity Fair feature about the US air defense response on 9/11 is a great, great implementation of embedded audio in a Web page.

Kudos on the package (even though the fixed-width content well is too narrow and the body font is too small).

I teared up at a few points, thinking about the events of the day, and hearing the helplessness and frustration of the people trying to do their jobs.

Of course, the documented and audio-illustrated account will do nothing to dissuade the 9/11 conspiracy fucktards who think that because of the failure of the impenetrable magic air defense shield that they must envision surrounded the continental US (and probably Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories and protectorates), 9/11 must have been an inside job.

To say nothing of the Big Lie/Loose Change morons, and the WTC 1/2/7 controlled demolition imbeciles.

Reading the comment threads on the social link sharing site of your choice is an exercise in futility, just as it is with bible literalists and Cydonian Face on Mars advocates, since they'll throw specious arguments at you faster than you can swat them away (assuming you're not trying to pursue debunking as a full-time profession -- this is why proponents of evolution sometimes have a tough time in debates).

Maybe I'm a sheep buying into the big lie. Tell you what: When I see the consensus of actual structural engineers say that 9/11 looks hinky -- not physicists, not people who think that Photoshop is a forensic tool, not people who build and burn chicken wire mockups, but actual engineers -- then I will change my mind.

God, I hate them.

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