Monday, August 07, 2006

Friday Night Trifecta

I had meaningful social interaction with three different groups of people in three different venues on Friday. If that sounds overly clinical, it is because I am a stiff.

Actually, it was four groups, if you count the Georgetown MBA students sharing the space at venue #1, Gazuza -- I was there, of course, for the DC Bloggers Happy Hour.

I got there a little after nine and met up with Jeff; while I was sucking down my first gin and tonic, ended up talking to the aforementioned Georgetown MBA guys who were there for their own social thing.

Because, you know, it's so hard to find places to hang out in Georgetown.

I asked one of them, Faisal (the other fellow was Ram -- as opposed to Rom, the Spaceknight -- this was actually said outloud, and not by me) if the gender balance was favorable at their event. I couldn't quite hear his answer, though I believe the phrase hot bitches was used.

I also said hi to Jamy and Martin, and Kathryn remembered who I was, which pleased me.

After a few gin and tonics and five-dollar Yuenglings, things got a little fuzzy. I do recall some broken glassware (not mine).

I was also surprised by the relative lack of flash photography, considering this was a bloggers' event -- I only took a few pics, myself:

Red & MissChatter at Gazuza
Red of The Life of Red and MissChatter of Just a Nats Fan

Jamy & Peter
Jamy of Grateful Dating and Peter.

I did talk to some new folks (including Matt, Drew and Alejandra (who, incidentally, does look fine with the new glasses) though I pretty much stayed on the periphery.

I bailed at around 11ish, to head back to the suburbs to meet up with some folks. Along the way, there was time for a clumsy candid:

Missed Connections fodder, only more stalkerish.

Waiting on the platform at Metro Center, I heard someone calling my name -- it was a bunch of troublemakers coming back from the Dixie Chicks concert:

The fabulous orange Metro color scheme accents Chris in venue #2.

My stop came up, so I had to part company with the country fans -- I made it to Clyde's (venue #3), and hung out with Scott, his friend Bev from Hawaii and Conor:

Conor took this.

It was certainly livelier, younger and more female than the usual mid-week meetups. I shall make a note of it.

Anyway, the ugly lights came on, and that was about it.

All in all, it was a pretty entertaining evening.

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Alejandra Ramos said...

Thanks, Joe! It was great meeting you too...