Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An Update on My Gender Reassignment

For all two of you who are following this story (and laughing up your sleeves at this, damn you), here's an update: Thanks to the clamoring hordes, the DC Express local blog log has updated their entry that linked to this here blog.

It's kind of a good news/bad news thing.

Good News: Things have gone from "Bad" to "Dumb", in that they've corrected the name of my blog (in both instances).

Bad News: I'm still female in their eyes.

Here's the text of a comment I just posted (apparently, my original comment was lost in the ether somewhere, since I didn't get the same confirmation screen that I just got now):
Well, you're getting closer.

Thanks for correcting the blog name, it's appreciated. There's still that troublesome gender pronoun, though, since I am still not a woman.

It's fine, really; it's not like this is crushing my ego or anything.

Thanks -- Joe (which is short for Joseph, which is a guy's name.)

Thanks to Sweet for the correction comment, which was only fair, since she did post an entry using me as material (though I do note that the entry is no longer up -- hey, I don't claim to be good material).

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