Monday, August 07, 2006


I was leaving the office tonight, when I saw a fairly large spider spinning a web (non-worldwide) on one of the handrailings in the parking garage.

Since I had my camera in my laptop bag, I went to take a few pics.

I wanted to take a macro shot, so I got really close. I didn't use the flash, since I didn't want to startle the spider (or provoke it into attacking me, for that matter).

Below me, in the background, there was a car (Jetta or something); I was trying to frame a pic so that perspective would make it look like the spider was attacking the car, but I couldn't convince the focus to work right.

Anyway, while I was composing the shot, I had the camera case in my other hand.

I forgot that I keep the card reader in the case.

Clatter, clatter, crash, went the card reader, down two flights through the gap in the railing.

I don't think the shot was worth it:

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Fortunately, although the card reader was in 5 pieces, they all snapped back together.

I gave up on more pictures, though.


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