Monday, August 27, 2007

More Big Infomercial Boobs

I was a little hesitant to blog this, only because I know it'll lead to a bunch of unrelated pageviews from horndogs who either:
  • Don't speak English as a first language, or
  • Just don't understand how to find porn with The Google very well
  • Or most likely, both.
But, hey, it's boobs. What can I say -- I'm a fan.

Following up on my earlier entry on informercial cleavage, it looks like others have hit upon this seemingly-sound late-night infomercial strategy: Feature big breasts and low-cut tops.

What's more, if one pair is good, two pair is even better, right?

Inadvertent porn mouth.

Just like poker, only with a brunette and a blonde.

At least with this one, they tell you what they're ostensibly selling (besides the false hope) -- it's some sort of turnkey Internet sales dealio, where working for mere hours a week, you'll get thousands and thousands of bucks, big houses, fancy cars, the adoration of your friends, the return of your dead pets (and not in the scary, "sometimes, dead is bettah" way), etc.

Yes, Joe and Jane Schmoe, by having your random crappy turnkey trinket e-commerce site, people will be beating down your door to throw money at you. And you don't even need to be there. It's nothing at all like setting up a lemonade stand on your front lawn and expecting to make a fortune, because that would be silly. This is The Internet. Completely different.

Don't know why no one else has thought of that yet.


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this exact same infomercial and thinking the same things. I found this article through a google search, and I must say your writing is very clever and articulate.


Just so you know, English is my first language and I am very good at using google to find porn.

Anonymous said...

Also, did you notice that the brunette had really weird facial expressions and mannerisms? It's like she was on drugs or something.

Joelogon said...

Thanks for the comment. I found the whole commercial weird so I can't say any one bit jumped out at me as especially weird.