Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Used CD Store Shuffle

It'd been a while, but I went to the CD Cellar on Sunday (actually, both locations -- Clarendon and Falls Church -- more on that in a sec).

While I was there, I experienced yet another occurrence of the Used CD Store Shuffle (note: also occurs in bookstores), where you're working your way down the table, and someone is coming at you from the other direction, and eventually, you'll get a section or two apart.

Obviously, if you're right next to each other, you'll get in each others' way, so then you skip over a section or two, then when it's "safe," you come back from the other direction.

Anyway, I was in Clarendon and did some damage (though I didn't find any Pulp CDs, which were high on my list), then went to the Falls Church location -- here's what I ended up with:


* Banco de Gaia, Farewell Ferengistan
* Belle and Sebastian, If You're Feeling Sinister
* Dressy Bessy, Electrified (from the 1 buck bin)
* Kaiser Chiefs, Employment
* Kaiser Chiefs, Yours Truly, Angry Mob
* Mazzy Star, Among My Swan
* Stereolab, Emperor Tomato Ketchup
* Throwing Muses, House Tornado
* Pete Yorn, Day I forgot

Additionally, not only did I nearly get my car trapped in the back parking lot of the Falls Church location (guided out only by the kindness of a stranger -- though I'm fairly sure that what I did was a topological impossibility), but the Mazzy Star album? Already own it.


Anonymous said...

for those of us without Netflix, it's AKA the "Blockbuster Shuffle" - I dance it about one weekend a month at the Hollywood Video. a real hot spot. enjoy your CD's

Joelogon said...

Thanks -- you want an extra Mazzy Star CD? -- Joe said...

pulp - love it - heard common people on the radio the other day and sang along to every word! if you're still looking for some pulp cds try searching for it at

Joelogon said...

Found it already, but thanks.

Joelogon said...

So I didn't need it for Pulp, but I used and got The Jesus and Mary Chain's Psychocandy from Amazon. So thanks.