Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yes, We Have No Fall Kickball Today

So, due to a lack of lighted fields (at least, any that will let us play on them), it looks like there won't be any adult kickball in Fairfax County this year.

This is after both WAKA and the new Fairfax Athletics league fell through. (The latter was especially disappointing, since they have different rules and I would have gotten mad props for coming up with an option that didn't involve playing in Manassas or Springfield. Word.)

Though disappointing, I will survive and possibly even find something else to do. (Soccer? Too much running. Dodgeball? Too painful. Volleyball? Too much suck. Something.)

Perhaps this is not a bad thing, given that I cost our team a trip to Boston -- in our playoff semifinal game, Gonz kicked a three-run homer over my head.

This is not an excuse -- well, not entirely -- but we'd moved the fields a bit after I'd spotted some broken bottles in our usual spots. Consequently, we were playing a lot closer to the other field, and I was playing too shallow in right field -- running back on a slight downhill, I got a hand on the ball, but ending up eating it, and we lost.

The winner of that game, of course, went on to play Kick Asphalts -- no surprises there, but the 1st and 2nd place finishers had the opportunity to go to Boston for nationals.

Oh well.

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