Friday, March 17, 2006

The True Meaning of St. Patrick's Day

AP story via Newsvine, which I am trying to get into:

St. Patrick's Day Prep

One-Eyed Lizzy's Bar and Grille employees Kacey Doxsey, center, Rusty Colquitt, right, and Justin Krantz team up to mix a four-gallon bucket of green margarita mix Wednesday March 15, 2006 in Savannah, Ga. in preparation for the historic city's St. Patrick's Day celebration. St. Patrick's Day traditionally marks the biggest tourism bonanza of the year in Savannah. With March 17 falling on Friday this year, businesses are counting on the buck of the Irish to fill their cash registers all weekend. (AP Photo/Stephen Morton)
Because, of course, nothing says St. Patrick's Day like a four-gallon bucket of green margarita mix.

The commercialism of St. Paddy's Day is distressing and takes people away from the true spirit of the holiday, which as you know commemorates St. Patrick driving the potatoes out of Ireland.

Actually, he drove the snakes out of Ireland. On a plane. Snakes on a Plane. There are snakes on the plane!


Anonymous said...

Dude--the whole S.O.A.P. thing is so goofy. I want the t shirt with the snakes flying the plane.


Anonymous said...

wow.. hollywood is really phoning it in these days...