Friday, March 10, 2006

Conflicts of Interests

I just found out that this year's edition of the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race is on Saturday, May 6.

That would make it the same weekend as the Washington Area Roadskaters Skate DC Weekend.

I've been to the Kinetic Sculpture race 3 times, I think -- I missed last year because of something else.

It's neat -- I've blogged about it before; I could have sworn I had some pictures up online -- probably in my iPhoto library somewhere.

I try to make a skate day out of it, since it's the easiest way to cover a lot of ground. I especially like the stretch near the end, where the kinetic sculptures are going down the streets of Baltimore (past the people watching on their stoops), from Patterson Park, down through the Inner Harbor and past the American Visionary Arts Museum (where it all starts) for the second water entry portion.

So, assuming I get into shape by May, and depending on the weather and the state of my skates (hrm, an excuse to finally get some K2s?), I will probably do Baltimore on Saturday, and try one of the Sunday skates. The Friday night stuff sounds like a lot of fun, but I sincerely doubt I'll be able to do three days in a row.

Guess I'd better start orking on a costume for the Kinetic Sculpture race.

(Here's more information about the race, from

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