Monday, March 06, 2006

Lessons From the Virgins From Hell

Finally got my pictures up from Virgins From Hell, the Psychotronic Movie Night pick from two weeks ago; here's the Flickr set:


Here are some lessons from the movie:

  • Good: Shoot the bad guy. Better: Shoot, then kick the bad guy.
  • You can squeeze a lot of blood out of a rat.
  • In the heat of a firefight, it may take a while to remember to use the belt-fed machine guns.
  • Even if you don't have forceps, you can still extract a bullet -- provided you can find a skinny enough snake.

    Mercifully, the movie ended; we retired to the Silo, of which the next batch of photos in that set were taken, including a few attempts to be visually clever by shooting through some stacked and empty (natch) beer glasses:


    I still seem to be going to dark when I am adjusting these photos, despite the fact that I dug up my old 15" monitor at home to connect to my laptop, which I know is very pretty bright.
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