Monday, March 06, 2006

Games Women Play

A few tidbits pulled from a Wired article on female gamers (Are they still grrls? Can we stop saying that now? Please?), which asks: What do women gamers want?

Obviously, the gaming industry would like to know.

As the question is an refinement of the very fundamental "What do women want?", I have no doubt that the answer will be a variant on "How the hell should we know?"

There are a couple of items from the article that are pretty funny to me out of context, in a casually-misogynistic, "I'm stereotyping women but I'm really being ironic about it (or am I?) way", including:

* Frag Dolls captain Morgan Romine: "Girls are really, really good at sniping."

* Women are better at memorizing the locations of re-spawn points." (also Romine)

Now, I don't play a lot of networked FPS games, but I believe the proper response would be something like:

"OMFGWTFBBQ!!!111ONE!!ELEVEN! sp4\/\/n c4mp1ng b1tc3h3z!!11!11!1"

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