Thursday, December 01, 2005

Scots-Irish-Asian Connection

Some Irish fiends of mine who just saw the latest Harry Potter movie told me last night (rather emphatically) that if I were to cultivate a Scottish (or, to a lesser extent, Irish) accent, I would be irresistable.

Of course, they meant even more irresistable.

Apparently, this is because the incongruity of an Asian speaking with a Scottish accent (similar to the Cho Chang role in the movie, played by Scottish-born actrress Katie Leung), is intriguing, in a way that my flat, nasal mid-Atlantic non-accent is not.

In the absence of a dialect coach, I will have to model my new accent after Groundskeeper Willy, Mike Meyers, Sean Connery, and Darrell Hammond's impression of Sean Connery on SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy sketches.

Let the panty-flinging commence!

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