Thursday, December 15, 2005

Observations From Last Night

* Contrary to conventional wisdom, howling, Wolfman Jack-style, at women crossing the street from the window of your SUV has a low probability of anything resembling success. (Unless your goal is having them ask, "Did they just howl at us?" in which case you were 100% successsful).

* Why is the CSI: New York opening theme song "Baba O'Reilly"? There are other Who songs that have lyrics much closer to the theme of the show; say, "The Seeker" (although I hear this is going to be used for CSI: East Lansing).

CSI: Miami uses "Won't Get Fooled Again", which also works. I had to look that up.

* Galaxy Hut now has a cocktail style three-in-one arcade machine. Well, it was there two weeks ago, but it's plugged in now. (It also has a MySpace.)

The machine features Galaga, Galaxian and Space Invaders. Young hipsters playing Galaga, here's a tip -- let the mother alien thing capture your first ship, so you can recapture it and get double-shot firepower.

Oh, and it was very Guyville in there. Like Ladies Night, only without any ladies.

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