Sunday, December 25, 2005

Dumb Things From I-95

Drove up to the homestead Saturday morning, instead of my usual Friday night.

Got a late start (mostly because of the, um, alternate Friday night activities), so I was afraid I was going to run into traffic from the football game, but it was pretty light all the way through.

* The motto for Baltimore's Live 106.5 is the best hits of the "'90s, 80s, and now."

That's an awful lot of skipping around.

It's not alphabetical, it's not chronological, and it's not done for alliterative reasons.

Oh, and I recommend you don't visit the Live 106.5 Web site ( They've got non-closeable flash video ads, with loud, non-muteable audio, running in the lower right corner of the main page. So far, I've seen a lawyer and Ray Lewis (hawking some protein drink).

* Passed a pickup truck, apparently owned by a personal trainer. He had a little mailbox-thing mounted on the back of the cab, marked "Take One" and presumably filled with brochures.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a passenger, so I couldn't.

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