Friday, December 02, 2005

New Album Up: Nov. 16 at Galaxy Hut

A few Wednesdays ago at Galaxy Hut, with the usual gang of idiots.

Here's Jenny, in the service of her fellow man.


I took most of the photos with my finger over the flash, which produces some neat effects (It's a trick I learned from Teepee).

It also helps reduce the bright flash in dark bar annoyance factor.


Anonymous said...

Like the finger effect. And I like that I can view the pics from work. RE: IMG_0090-I think that you are lucky for more than beief moments at a time.

Anonymous said...


Jenny your chick or what?

She's Hot as hell!


Anonymous said...


and I'm curious about something...

When you say in your index page on that ...

"A big hit in 1995. We were much simpler people back then. Dumber, too."

Does the last comment mean that you figure your beliefs at the time were a pile of... well... you know what? ;)


Joelogon said...


1. No.
2. Yes.
3. Not really.